The Lily Apotheosis  

Eons ago, the Mother and Father of All came down from the skies to fulfill a Divine Plan.  They temporarily sacrificed their immortality to become human, and birth a new root race that would one day become deified. This is the untold story of Adam and Eve. In their children were the genes of immortal gods-seeds of the Apple that would restore the children to their birthright as original divinities. With mission accomplished, the Mother and Father of All returned to the skies, but they would come again, at various times, in various forms, to nurture the seeds of the Apple inside their children, anticipating the day when the seeds will grow into Trees of Knowledge and bear good fruit for the harvest.

From the Mother and Father of All comes the Lily Activation, to turn on the "god gene" in those who wish to reclaim their divine birthright. Man’s deification is the Divine's Intent, that Man may evolve rapidly from the Adamic state to his ultimate apotheosis as the unified Adam Kadmon (Adam in God's likeness). What is it like to be apotheosized? To use a metaphor, it is like being Superman disguised as Clark Kent, working for the Christ Office. 

TESTIMONIAL: "I can go on and on with all the benefits I got from being a Lily but let me summarize this in a nutshell... I experienced a tremendous shift in my consciousness which allowed me to be more calm, discerning and intuitive... My power to manifest good fortune is stronger than ever, e.g., I received 5 job offers within 10 days when I was not looking for a job. My dreams are coming true one by one. Most importantly, I have found solace and happiness in the company of the Divine. I am home, and I am staying here for good! I will forever be thankful for the miracle that is The Lily and Beyond. It changed my life and it will change yours too!"  ■ H B, Philippines

Lilies are the new breed of humans, with peculiar velocitypotency, racing torquesoul magnetismhigh wattagedeified abilities and super-conscious minds-all rooted in divinity.  The "super powers" of a Lily are the result of an Act of Grace, called a Lily Activation. Lilies are like Ferraristhey can cruise at top speed on the Autobahn, but their "chill" in the driver's seat is exquisite, uncanny, extraordinarya peace that defies understandingfor it is infused in them by The Infinite. 

What a truth-seeker receives from a Lily Activation lasts forever and doesn't tarnish or fade with age: the turning on of light switches he didn't know he had; upgraded wiring so that he instantly becomes a mega-voltage transformer; non-stop rocket fuel from Source to propel his exponential evolution; erosion of a limited past, and the unfurling of a new "You" that can gratefully serve Divine Order with God-activated extras.

If all this sounds too good to be true, read the many testimonials of former skeptics. But before you jump in and sign up, know that with great power comes great responsibilities. For safety reasons, the Lily-activated state has a built-in safety switch. "Super powers" can be temporarily turned on or off as needed to prevent misuse and abuse. Harmony with Source keeps the power on.

Thousands of empowered Lilies around the globe are enjoying the extras of their inner Theos, thanks toLily ActivationThe only thing now that stands between you and your apotheosis is a choice. To have your share of Eden's bounty, Become A Lily and join the Mission:


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A Project Manager said . . .

"I'm still groping for words to express how awed I am by the Lily Activation. I am certain that most share the same experiences as I of searching high and low and ending up with temporary fixes that just lead to more and more despair. The cleaning up and hard-wiring that the Masters did in the Lily Activation to prepare us to receive Grace is remarkable. I have never seen anything like it before. I told a few friends after the workshop that EVERYTHING you see in The Lily and Beyond is real and complete!"

 ■ Ramona Singian, Philippines