How To Become a Lily? 

Lily Activations by Source, God is the Activating Force, Apotheosis is the Result

In The Lily and Beyond system, one is exponentially empowered not by classroom instruction but by spiritual activation where God is the Activating Force. 
Rather than transform an aspirant through lectures and books, in a Lily Activation, the aspirant sits down to receive mega-watts of Source Light for a metamorphosis infused by the Infinite. The Lily Activation turns on light switches to "extra abilities" of his inner Theos, until he becomes a Lily (so called because an etheric white lily appears in his aura, symbolizing purity). Raised by the Infinite, he is transformed into homo luminus, transfigured from a mere mortal molded by Earth to a deified being refined by Heaven.

Similar to Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office or iLife [1], a Lily Activation is actually a bundled suite of sacred activations and empowerments. Each suite offers its own set of special dispensations from Source, which a truth-seeker receives in one sitting. The special dispensations run quietly in the background, like smartphone native apps [2], until you pleasantly discover with a few exploratory "clicks" what the new apps of your inner Theos can do.

We offer 2 "starter" packages to choose from: either the White Lily Activation  or the Gold Lily Activation.  The White Lily Activation is for beginners on the spiritual path.  The Gold Lily Activation is for intermediate-level initiates who can handle greater power with a mature sense of responsibility. A white Lily may qualify for the intermediate Gold Lily Activation anytime. A Gold Lily may proceed to the more advanced Diamond Lily Activation after 6 months.

The Lily Activation hastens one's evolution by exponential leaps. Without it, advancement on the spiritual path is mostly handicapped. The chart below allows us to make some comparisons, using metaphors like broadband internet speed, racing torque [3], octane fuel rating 43], and 3G/4G mobile communication standards [5]:

 White Lily Activation Gold Lily Activation SuitePlatinum Lily
 Iridescent Lily Activation Diamond Lily Activation Suite
no Lily Activation
upto 6 activations
available to the public
upto 14 activations
available to the public

 (included in Diamond Lily Activation Suite)
(Included in Diamond Lily Activation Suite)
upto 18+ activations
available for Lilies Only
 V-4 torque or lessupto V-6 torqueupto V-8 torqueupto V-12 torqueupto V-33 torqueupto V-144+ torque
 90-octane or lessupto 98-octaneupto 108-octaneupto 120-octanemore than 130-octanemore than 130-octane
 no superconscious mind in regular life upto 3G superconscious performance upto 4G superconscious performance
 upto 12G superconscious performance
upto 33G
superconscious performance
upto 144G+ superconscious performance
 dial-up internet connection to Source 3 Mbps broadband connection to Source4 Mbps broadband connection to Source 12 Mbps broadband connection to Source33 Mbps broadband connection to Source 144+ Mbps broadband connection to Source 
  includes conditional relief from some karmic debt
  includes conditional relief from some karmic debt includes conditional relief from some karmic debt includes conditional relief from some karmic debt conditional relief from some karmic debt & liberation from sanskaras
  Air FireWater EarthHeaven on Earth
Before Jan 2009
Feb 2009 to Jun 2011
Jul 2011 to May 2012
Jun 2012 to
Jan 2013 to present

WITH GREAT POWER COMES GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES.  We caution anyone against obtaining a Lily Activation out of curiosity, blind ambition, capriciousness or self-aggrandizement. There is a pre-requisite application process and screening. Everyone is advised to contemplate the responsibilities and commitments that come with great power before choosing to receive a Lily Activation. The commitment required of a Lily Activation is not an empty promise but a contract that holds the soul to account:`
  • The Gold Lily Activation requires a lifetime commitment and service contract to the non-sectarian, universal Christ Office. Rather than jump to conclusions, pIease click here to read more and understand this. Conditional liberation from some karmic debts is given by Divine Mercy in exchange for your commitment.
  • The Diamond Lily Activation requires a lifetime commitment and surrender to Divine WillConditional liberation from some karmic debts and hindering sanskaras is given by Divine Mercy in exchange for your commitment.
Which Lily Activation is right for me?

That is a question you ask your soul. Choose what you are ready for. We offer these tips to help you decide:
  • The White Lily Activation is for internalizing the Christ Consciousness. Gold Lily Activation is for externalizing the Christ Consciousness through mission work or service. 
  • In terms of accomplishing your soul mission as a Peace Emissary, the Gold Lily Activation grants you more power and velocity, also more rights and responsibilities. The White Lily Activation grants less power and velocity, also less rights and responsibilities. 
  • Diamond Lily Activation is for any Lily who wishes to reach the Adam Kadmon level. If the Gold Lily Activation is for the leaders and teachers of Earth, then the Diamond Lily Activation is for the leader of leaders and teacher of teachers.
To receive a Lily Activation, inquire with us about a private activation or come to a Lily Activation Workshop

Lily Activations are occasionally offered in workshops at a lower price, taking advantage of economies of scale to pass on savings to groups. Check our Calendar of Events to see if a workshop or free Lily Orientation is scheduled near you. Subscribe with us if you wish to receive email and SMS notices about workshops and free orientations in your vicinity.

A private Lily Activation is a highly condensed version of the workshop. It does not allow much time for explanations or Q&A but the tradeoff is that the activation can be customized to your special needs. Certain exercises and information offered in workshops cannot be offered in private sessions due to time constraints. Therefore, we recommend re-auditing a workshop whenever possible at a reduced price. 

SAFETY ADVISORY: Lilies possess a unique kind of spiritual "wiring" and "light technology" that enables them to use their "Lily powers" safely. Non-Lilies may not experience the same safe results. The Lily Activation comes with a built-in safety switcha fail-safe and fail-secure device that can turn "super powers" on or off to prevent misuse and abuse. 

Lily Activations can only be performed safely by Lily Activators trained and ordained by Grace. Great harm can result if the activations are done incorrectly. To protect the public from the harm of scam artists and copycats, we recommend you deal only with authorized Lily Activators published in this website.

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"The Lily Activation was a powerful experience I'll not soon forget. It teaches participants, in a step-by-step manner, how to use the 'mystic Lily' to bring about a vast spiritual awakening and healing. This program is for anyone who desires to feel a closer relationship with the 
Divine. Powerful. Transformative."  
■ Robert J. Grant, author of The Place We Call Home-Exploring the Soul's Existence After Death and The Magdalene Diaries
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